Do you ship Worldwide?
Yes! Anywhere you are, we ship to you!


How much is shipping? 

Shipping is calculated at checkout

Australia wide shipping is just $9 AUD

Worldwide shipping $19 AUD ($13 USD, 12.5 EURO)

What country are you based?
Right here in Australia!

Are you looking for to sponsor riders?
Not long-term sponsorships, but you can apply for a collaboration.

More Details here:

Kingston Equestrian Profile and Links | linkpop.com


What size am I?

Check out our international size guide, bottom of home page there is a link, if in doubt, send us an email or message on our socials! Happy to help!


Will I have to pay import taxes if I am international?

Some countries, each vary with import taxes. Import taxes are an individual country own decision, and we do not have any control over it, and are not responsible for covering import taxes that some countries may charge.